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     My name is Kevin and I'm the last person you'd expect to be a Petty fan. First, I live in CT, where NASCAR interest is low and smothered by MLB coverage between the Yankees and Red Sox. Second, I'm only 26; which means I was born after the King's 200th and last cup win. In the years since, Petty Enterprises/Richard Petty Motorsports has been a team struggling to keep up with multi-million dollar monster organizations like Hendrick, Roush, and Gibbs (to name a few). So what makes me like the Petty's? It's simple. They are the most caring, virtuous, down to earth set of people associated with NASCAR today; hands down. The Petty name is synonymous for not only the history of achievements the 60 year old organization has accomplished on the track; but the caring, respectability shown toward those around them in need, off the track. They talk up to you and make you feel like their hero, unlike the opposite. Richard and Kyle, specifically, have been my heroes since I was a young boy and, looking back, I guess I was lucky to pick such great heroes at such a young age to exemplify my life and moral beliefs around. I will always be a Petty fan because I feel they stand for the same principles I live my life by. Live your life loving it and those around you. Never take anything for granted and help those in need whenever possible. Most importantly, be yourself and love who you are.
     Since 2008, I've spent countless hours designing and hosting this site for others who share the same passion I do. During the experience, I've made countless friends and invaluable contacts. The site has always been ad free and has never accepted any kind of compensation for the costs of web hosting. In addition, I've also never asked for or accepted any kind of compensation from the companies sponsoring the race team for linking to their websites or by advertising their logos. This website's primary purpose has been (and will always be) to connect fans of the Petty's with one another and to encourage them to donate to the Victory Junction Gang charity.

     The Victory Junction Gang Camp® enriches the lives of children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses by providing life-changing camping experiences that are exciting, fun, and empowering, in a safe and medically sound environment.
     As as a supporter of this great cause, I ask that you take the time to make a donation.  Each donation helps provide a child with a wonderful, life-changing experience that will change his or her life forever. Please take the time to visit the Victory Junction Gang Camp® Official Website to learn more about this great cause. To donate please visit the Financial Support page located here.

     As a fan of Richard Petty Motorsports and/or its drivers, the single most important thing you can do to show support for your team is support its sponsors. Sponsors allow us to enjoy watching RPM race each weekend. Please show your loyalty by purchasing products and/or services offered by RPM's sponsors. Also be sure to contact them and express your gratitude for allowing your team to operate both financially sound and competitively.
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